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Read the table below to find out more about the Galactic democratic union and the KTC aggressors who would crush our peaceful and tolerant society under militant  boots.

Krucer Technocratic Commonwealth




KTC OverviewGDU  Overview
The Krucer Technocratic Commonwealth (KTC) is an advanced society guided and stabilized by the beloved Krucerx family, and driven by wisdom of the Commonwealth’s very best minds. The KTC has expanded through technological, ideological, and physical struggles, gaining new worlds and amalgamating new cultures into their own to create a stronger more prosperous whole. The GDU is a bloated bureaucracy run on corruption and cronyism. They preach freedom and democracy while bullying and starving smaller governments into signing up to their rules and regulations about how society must function. Defeat would mean the end of all of your personal freedoms including freedom of expression and even freedom of thought. Your children would end up becoming brainwashed drones of the state, parroting the GDU dogma and forcing a stagnant ideology on everyone whether they believed in it or not.
KTCSociety GDU Society
The KTC is a single culture that is always evolving and adapting. New ideas from adopted worlds are blended into the culture, challenging and changing the status quo for the better. This leads to an ultimately secular commonwealth but all members are of course free to hold any belief that they choose. Everyone is given an equal opportunity with basic education provided for all. Effort and success are greatly rewarded and a social emphasis is placed upon self education and improvement. Those who achieve are supported and pushed towards greater things so that they might improve the Commonwealth for the better and set an example for future generations to aspire to. The GDU don’t care about what is a good idea or a bad idea. They don’t care about what you can do but instead only who you are. There is no ability to argue against what the establishment have decided is “the correct ideology”. Education is completely controlled by the state and the entire social system is built around some warped idea that everyone gets slapped with a label at birth that determines how much help they get from the state.
KTC Ships GDU Ships
KTC ships are built with an emphasis on pilot skill and up to date technology. Even our standard fighters will offer excellent flight performance. Pilots and squads that demonstrate particular skill will of course gain access to more advanced fighters and technology which can be used for tactical missions. All ships, even large ships, are designed to be modular to some degree so that they can be adapted to any threat. GDU ships can generally fairly damage resistant with heavy firepower, but this leaves them vulnerable to superior agility, pilot skill and targeting technology. Most ship types should be able to outfly GDU ships but they will often attempt to engage in a straight firefight to gain the advantage of their greater durability and weaponry. The GDU also has a large number of custom and freelance mercenary ships which are an unknown, and while their large ships are often technologically inferior they do have superior numbers.

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