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Read the table below to find out more about the Galactic democratic union and the KTC aggressors who would crush our peaceful and tolerant society under militant boots.

Galactic Democratic Union




GDU Overview KTC Overview
The Galactic Democratic Union(GDU) is vast collection of united yet diverse worlds organised by a central democratic government comprised of officials representing each of the aligned states, It is built on hundreds of years of political negotiations and respect for the many peoples from vastly different cultures and religions. The KTC is a dictatorship ruled by the ruthless Krucer Family and supported a group of elitist power mongers. They have been marching across the galaxy for years now, trampling cultures under military boots and showing no mercy to anyone who opposes them. They care nothing for democracy, nothing for your beliefs and nothing for your rights. Defeat would mean nothing less than the complete destruction of your way of life, the abolition of your belief system, and the total subjugation of your family to a heartless unelected overlord.
GDU Society KTC Society
There are many cultures that make up the GDU from secular republics through to religious dynasties. The GDU believes strongly that every culture and religion must be respected and preserved so to this end even devotes a part of it’s huge education program towards helping create a greater understanding of the problems faced by the many different groups of people within the union. The GDU strives to educate a high proportion of it’s people well into adulthood, always making sure to bring everyone up to fair level, It gives a voice to the voiceless, and takes good care of the most vulnerable members of its society. The KTC is an elitist oligarchy that cares nothing for it’s people who are left to fend for themselves. There is no respect for other cultures or religions. They openly mock everyone’s beliefs and ideals, and even relentlessly harass those who ask for understanding or sympathy. They have almost nothing in the way of further education for the general population and often let the poorest, minorities, and least able simply fall through the cracks into silent suffering.
GDU Ships KTC Ships
The GDU has a wide variety of ships. Many are created through trade agreements that have taken the best developments from different worlds and collaboratively built for long term use. These ships are sturdy and will serve every pilot well for years. There are also a good number of alternative ships build and used by specific cultures within the Union. These craft offer more specialized functionality above and beyond the standard fleet. The KTC war machine creates ships that are fast and manoeuvrable, but generally speaking they can’t take a lot of punishment, and have weak weaponry. In a straight firefight they would not stand a chance against many types of ship, but they will usually attack in greater numbers and try to flank or outfly their opponents. Additionally the KTC has some highly advanced fighters with heavy firepower, or other tricks used to terrorise their enemies. Their large ships are also particularly dangerous despite their small numbers.

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